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Inspiring People to Lead and Enrich our Community

Leadership Fond du Lac County is a community-based program that provides information and experience to individuals willing to make a lasting commitment of service to the city and county of Fond du Lac.

Mission: to assist in the preparation of a strong, diverse group of leaders qualified to represent our communities and willing to make responsible decisions affecting both the public and private sectors.

Qualified applicants begin the nine-month program in September with a two-day retreat. Right away, the class starts on team building skills, and discusses how they can have an impact on Fond du Lac County communities through a group project. During sessions in October through May, the class meets once a month to learn more about the community and its unique challenges and strengths through presentations, tours, and other activities while continuing to develop their community projects. Classes prepare participants to fill roles that will contribute to a healthier, more vital community for many years to come.

Topics of Focus:

    • Team Building
    • Fond du Lac County History
    • State and Local Government
    • How to Run for Public Office
    • Social Services
    • Health Care
    • Education
    • Business and Economic Development
    • Tourism, the Arts and Media
    • Boardsmanship


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    Program Impact

    Since the inception of the program, Leadership Fond du Lac County has 617 program alumni whose projects have given more than $700,000 back to county communities.  

    For more information regarding community projects, including how your non-profit organization can benefit from a project, click here!

    In addition to the community projects that benefit the greater Fond du Lac area, Leadership Fond du Lac County graduates have served the community in numerous volunteer roles including advisory committees, non-profit boards, commissions, and City Council.

    Leadership Fond du Lac gave me the opportunity to take ownership of the community I live and work in. The program created an environment through presentations, networking and the Community Project that taught me about citizenship and how to be an even more productive member of our community.”  Chief Aaron Goldstein of the City of Fond du Lac Police Department and graduate of the Leadership Fond du Lac class of 2010.

    Are you looking to fill a Board of Directors position? Consider reaching out to an alumnus of Leadership Fond du Lac County! Contact [email protected] or call 920.921.9500 for more information.

    Program History

    As early as 1996, it was recognized by the Association of Commerce (AC) that there was a need for qualified candidates for city council, county board, school board, and non-profit board leadership. In 1997, local entrepreneur Donald G. Jones provided the seed money for the exploration and implementation of Leadership Fond du Lac. During 1997 into early 1998, the AC did extensive research in the community to determine if the business community would support a leadership program. The first class, with 12 participants, started in September 1998.

    Leadership Fond du Lac remains true to its foundation, but has continued to develop to fit community needs as Fond du Lac County evolves. In 2023, the Leadership Fond du Lac Advisory Committee and Envision Greater Fond du Lac board of directors voted to change the program name to “Leadership Fond du Lac County” to reflect the growth of the organizations and the county.