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Public Office Preparation 101
(POP 101)

Public Office Preparation 101 (POP101) is a program of Envision Greater Fond du Lac that engages community members in local nonpartisan political process by providing essential information and skills needed for success in public office. Participants will explore basic competencies, including how to navigate the paperwork process, fundraising and spending, campaigning, and building a public persona.

POP101 builds on the curriculum of our Leadership Fond du Lac program, but participation in Leadership Fond du Lac is not a requirement for enrollment in POP101.


Participants can expect to:

  • Learn about best practices in building a public profile, putting a campaign team together, and developing a campaign platform.
  • Network with former local and state representatives and individuals experienced in election campaigns.
  • Find out more about the paperwork and process requirements of Fond du Lac County. (
  • Develop campaign fundraising and spending strategies.
  • Better understand how media factors into campaigning and public office life.
  • Gain perspective on what happens once you’re elected to public office.
  • Create a campaign roadmap.

Cost: $50 for Leadership Fond du Lac Alumni; $100 for members of Envision Greater Fond du Lac; $125 for General Admission

Format: 20-person class limit; 5-person minimum to run. Six hours total: two hosted 3-hour program days.

New dates coming soon!

Questions and more information available by contacting Anna Huck at [email protected] or 920.921.9500.