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Our future is built together.

Our portfolio of services will assist existing businesses with a handful of employees to those with thousands of team members.

At Envision Greater Fond du Lac, we are committed to building the health and vitality of our communities. Envision Greater Fond du Lac is guided by a Board of Directors that is geographically diverse and represents many industry sectors. The expertise and resources of Envision Greater Fond du Lac give communities in the Greater Fond du Lac area an advantage over the competition. Here are just a few of the many services Envision Greater Fond du Lac provides to our communities and businesses:

Business Intelligence and Research

Need more customized research?  There’s a huge amount of data out there about market opportunities, industry and workforce trends, competitive barriers and opportunities, and much, much more.

Existing & emerging business services also include:

  • Confidential services to business clients
  • Design and administration of assistance and incentive programs and packaging
  • Infrastructure consultation and development
  • Technical assistance for such projects as brownfields, tax incremental financing and business park development
  • Liaison to regional and state partners (New North, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation)
  • Development consultation
  • Design and administration of assistance and incentive programs and packaging
  • Existing industrial retention
  • Growth project management
  • Financial packaging
  • Site specific and general demographic information
  • Site and facility identification for growth opportunities
  • Concept assessment
  • Business plan assistance
  • Strategic planning
  • Assistance in regulatory challenges
  • Market, Industry, Competitive analysis
  • Imagination Network of Wisconsin (inventors and entrepreneurs club)
  • Public relations and marketing assistance
  • Improving and encouraging a successful entrepreneurial climate
  • Gaps identification
  • Referral network
  • Access to workforce and job training programs and funding
  • Productivity and environmental solutions
  • Access to local, state and federal assistance
  • Aid in structuring and restructuring finances
  • International business and export development