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The location that will make your business a success has been waiting for you in the Greater Fond du Lac area.

Our transportation system, our schools, and our safe community not only make this a great place to live but a great place to do business. The work of Envision Greater Fond du Lac and our community and resource partners will surpass any expectations of businesses looking to locate here.

Why locate to Greater Fond du Lac?

14th in the nation for Advanced Manufacturing Specialization.
48th out of 201 small metros in the nation as “Best Performing” relative to the economy
Centrally located to Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis – I-41 (Chicago to Green Bay), U.S. 151 (connector between I-41 and Madison) and Wisconsin 23 (connector between I-41 and I-43); Canadian National Railroad service
Wisconsin’s I-41 Corridor – includes Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay  – with a high concentration of advanced, sophisticated manufacturing and higher education institutions
2015 Top 10 metro for Advanced Manufacturing Specialization (Business Facilities)
Ranked 14th for small metros in 2016 for the presence of advanced manufacturing and its impact (Brookings Institute)
Ranked 48th out of 201 small metros in 2016 as “Best-Performing”. The components include job, wage and salary, and technology growth. (Milken Institute)
Ranked 19th in nation for manufacturing job growth between 2010-2014 (26.4% growth) (NewGeography)
9.8% of Manufacturing jobs classified as high technology; 38.4% as moderate high technology (Brookings Institute)
Fond du Lac metro ranked 20th out of 201 small metros in 2016 for the number of highly concentrated high-tech industries (Milken)
Fond du Lac metro ranked 8th out of 201 small metros in 2015 for 5-year high tech GDP growth
Best annualized job growth rate compared to comparable Wisconsin metros (Garner Economics, LLC)
Ranked 157th out of 253 small metros for total job growth in 2014 (NewGeography)
Ranked 16th out of 276 small metros for wage growth 2014-2015 (Headlight Data)
Ranked 32nd out of 198 small metros in 2016 for business services sector growth; 72nd out of all 322 metros (NewGeography)
Ranked 18th out of 168 small metros for information jobs (NewGeography)
Ranks 1st in the nation for income equality (Martin Prosperity Institute)
Home to major R&D/Innovation and Engineering Centers within the headquarters of 4 international corporations (Mercury Marine, Wells Vehicle Electronics, Grande Cheese and Alliance Laundry Systems)
Over 190 higher education institutions within one hour; four in Fond du Lac County: One technical college, University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac, Marian University and Ripon College
Eight (8) industrial/business parks with full services ready for development, including one devoted to aviation with access to the Fond du Lac County Airport