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Community Projects

Each year, Leadership Fond du Lac County divides program participants into teams to complete a community project that will address a community need.

The objective of these projects is to provide a leadership-related team experience that goes beyond the monthly educational sessions. Team building, problem-solving, research, project management, time management, and financial responsibility are key components of the community project.

At the completion of the community project, participants will have:

  • Gained experience in community problem-solving.
  • Contributed to the quality of life in Fond du Lac County.
  • Observed, experienced, and practiced leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Become known as a volunteer in the community.

To date, 617 alumni have completed 108 projects, which have given more than $700,000 back to Fond du Lac County communities.

Some notable past projects include:

  • Outdoor classroom at Fondy Central (2021)
  • Barrier-free Playground at Lakeside Park (2007)
  • The Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac (2002)
  • Hobb’s Woods (2002)
  • Dog Park (2003)

To read more about what projects the most recent teams from Leadership Fond du Lac County completed, check out the following news release: Leadership Fond du Lac Community Projects Give Back to Fond du Lac County 

See a full list of past community projects here! 

Does your organization need assistance with a new initiative or project? Leadership Fond du Lac County may be able to help! We invite you to submit a need or potential project idea from your organization to inform class community projects. More information can be found on the following form.