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Delivering Hyper-Local Business Intelligence for a Competitive Advantage

The team at Envision Greater Fond du Lac maintains a wide range of research and information valuable to the success of our business community. Each year, we fulfill research requests, and here are some of the ways our clients are using research:

  • Finding New Customers and Markets – If you are in the B2B world, Envision Greater Fond du Lac can produce lists of businesses and individual contacts by industry, geography, number of employees, contact titles, and other characteristics. We can analyze within Fond du Lac County or any other U.S. market by demographics including income level, education, household type, home value, consumer expenditure, and more.
  • Know Your Competition – Our research team can help you learn who your competitors are, whether in a neighborhood or a larger region, as well as identify markets that are under-served or untapped. We can generate lists of businesses by industry, geography, and other characteristics, and analyze this against potential market demand.
  • Enhance Your Supplier Base – Whether it’s a widget or expertise, our research can help you pinpoint the right suppliers and vendors. We can build lists of businesses by industry, geography, size, any required licenses or certifications, and other characteristics.
  • Attract and Retain Talent – Have you created a new position in your company, but aren’t sure what level of salary and benefits to offer? Our research has extensive labor market data to help you answer your workforce questions. 

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Services Offered

Expand Your Business

Find Competitors or Suppliers

Find or Increase Your Customers

Market Viability

Workforce Availability

Anything Else?

Whatever research topic you have in mind, let us know so we can help. Our research abilities can provide customized services based on your company’s needs. Contact our Director of Business Intelligence at [email protected] for access to the Fond du Lac County market research capabilities.