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New to HR?

HRCI is introducing the brand-new Associate Professional in Human Resources™ (PHR℠) certification. The aPHR was developed specifically with entry level HR professionals in mind. This credential is the first of its kind within the HR community and the perfect program for recent college graduates, armed services men and women who are looking to transition into a civilian profession and other professionals seeking a career transition into the HR field. 

To qualify for this certification, the applicant needs a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. No HR experience is required. The exam will cover foundational knowledge of Human Resource practice including basic U.S. employment laws. 

If you or someone you know may be interested in the PHR certification, we are currently seeking potential applicants for our aPHR Pilot Program and will begin accepting applications in April. If you would like more information on the certification and/ or pilot program, please visit 


HRCI Recertification

Did you know that HR Certification Institute™ (HRCI) has adjusted its recertification requirements to make them more flexible than ever? 

Based on the feedback from many of our certified professionals, we’ve provided more time-saving options in addition to traditional HR continuing education. You can now earn more credits ― up to 40 ― for personal achievements such as on-the-job activities, leadership, HR Membership and more. 

For example, you can earn you can earn recertification credits via: 

On-the-job experience – Get credit for a new HR activity that adds to your HR knowledge gained through work experience. 
More flexible instruction options – We’ve increased the number of hours you can earn for formal HR-related presentations and instructions from one to two credit hours. This includes workshops, webinars, in-house training and book club facilitation. 
HR Membership – Now you can receive more credit hours for your local, national and international HR membership (Maximum: 12 hours). To learn more about these enhancements, join us for a recertification chat on February 3, Noon, Eastern time. You can also find guidance in the updated recertification handbook. 


HRBP/HRMP will be renamed as PHRi/SPHRi

This week HR Certificaiton Institute (HRCI) will announce a number of fantastic certification program updates and enhancements. One of the changes directly benefits you as an HR professional outside the U.S. with a Human Resource Business Professional ® (HRBP ®) or Human Resource Management Professional ® (HRMP ®) credential. 

The two certifications are being rebranded and renamed later this month:

  • HRBP will be renamed Professional in Human Resources – International℠ (PHRi).
  • HRMP will be renamed Senior Professional in Human Resources – International℠ (SPHRi).



Once certified SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, you must submit your Professional Development Credits (PDCs) throughout your three-year recertification period ending on the last day of your birth month. Once your recertification application is complete and has been approved, your next three-year recertification period will begin from your existing end date.

If you complete your recertification cycle early, your end date will not change, but any unused or subsequent professional development activities completed within your current certification period cannot be carried over to the next. 

For example: 
Initial certification period: May 2015 (took exam)-July 2018 (birth month)
Recertified: December 2017
Next 3-year recertification period: July 2018-July 2021

SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credential holders qualify for recertification credits by participating in professional development activities that relate to the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge.


Entering Your Professional Development Credits:

STEP 1:  Keep track of your professional development activities.

STEP 2:  Log on to (link to: and enter your e-mail address and password.

STEP 3:  Click on “Add PDCs” and then choose the related PDC category of Advance Your Education, Advance Your Organization, or Advance Your Profession.

STEP 4:  In the Advance Your Education category, input the Activity ID (if one is provided), click “Search,” and view the populated activity details.  Confirm that this information is correct.  Click “Submit” to save the PDCs in the Portal.  If an Activity ID is not provided, or for PDCs that fall under the Advance Your Organization or Advance Your Profession categories, manually input the information requested.

STEP 5:  After you’ve earned all 60 PDCs and are ready to submit your application, click on “Apply for Recertification.”  This link will be available one year into your recertification period.

When entering PDCs, ensure that the activities you enter occurred between the beginning and end dates of your three-year recertification period.  You must wait until the activity end date to record any activity.

Please note: It is recommended that you record your activities in the Portal as soon as you complete them.  You should track all professional development activities during your three-year recertification period, even those beyond the required 60 PDCs or a category maximum.

Important! If you hold another HR certification, you must maintain recertification records/files with that organization as well.  Maintaining two certifications is a personal choice, but your SHRM recertification records as separate from those of other organizations.


Calculating Credits

The number of PDCs for continuing education activities is calculated based on the actual educational time spent in the program. 

1-hour educational program = 1 PDC
1-hour-and-15-minute concurrent conference session = 1.25 PDCs
3-hour e-learning course = 3 PDCs

You may also earn recertification credit by reading books that SHRM has identified as creditworthy for their appropriate subject matter content, taking the associated quizzes and scoring 70% or better. Qualifying books are listed at  The number of PDCs for books and e-books is calculated as follows: Book quiz score of 70% or better = 3 PDCs per book (10 books maximum per 3-year recertification period).

Recertification Application Fee
SHRM Members = $100 USD
Non-members = $150 USD

For more detailed information, go to the online SHRM Recertification Handbook.

Applying for the Exam

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Preparing for the Exam

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