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2018 FDL Future 5 Award Recipients Announced

Fond du Lac, WI – Five outstanding young professionals will be recognized and celebrated as the recipients of the 2018 Future 5 Award, presented by the Young Professionals of Fond du Lac (YPF) – a program of Envision Greater Fond du Lac. Additionally, one of the recipients will be named the 2018 Young Professional of the Year.  The recognition ceremony will take place during the YPF Annual Meeting on January 17, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du Lac.

In addition to celebrating accomplishments from the past year and creating goals for 2019, attendees will be inspired throughout the evening to #CreateYourChange and guide their future and the future of our community. Food and networking opportunities will also be available. Event tickets are $40 for YPF members, $60 for non-YPF members or $300 for a corporate table of 8. Reservations are required by January 14, 2019 and available by calling (920) 921-9500 or online at

The Young Professionals of Fond du Lac (YPF) established the Future 5 Award in 2013 as a way to support and recognize upcoming leaders in the community.  The 2018 Young Professional of the Year will be selected from the 2018 Future 5 Award recipients.  This award is presented to a professional who has emerged as a community leader, demonstrated excellence, creativity and initiative in her/his business or profession and has made a positive impact on our community.

Larissa Clinard – Fleet Manager, J.F. Ahern Company

Larissa Clinard, Fleet Manager at J.F. Ahern Company, has continued to pave the way in her career since joining the company as an office manager in 2007. Clinard credits her Army career for her “failure is not an option mentality” that has motivated her to continue to tackle challenges in her career. In 2012, she was promoted to the newly created role of Fleet Manager in which over the past few years she has implemented a telematics program for over 500 vehicles, developed driver risk management programs and consolidated over $7 million in fleet spend. Most recently, she expanded the department to include the organization’s delivery logistics – an initiative to support sustainable growth for Ahern.

Professionally, Clinard is actively involved in the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) serving as the chair of the Wisconsin chapter, NAFA Curriculum Development Committee where she serves as the financial management module team lead, and NAFA Institute and Expo Curriculum Committee where she serves as a corporate fleet representative. Beyond her professional duties, she also serves on the steering committee for Fondy 100 Gives, is a redline triathlon club member, and active in YPF where she serves on the membership committee, advisory council, Amazing Race event committee and is the 2019 chair-elect.

As one of her nominators stated, “She strives to be the best no matter the role, the committee, the organization, or the confidant. Larissa does not solely strive for herself, but for the betterment of the industry and her peers. She truly is committed to succeeding in whatever she touches and leads other by motivating them to get involved and be part of something bigger.”

Ben Giles – Membership Director and Youth in Government Advisor, Fond du Lac Family YMCA; City Council Member, City of Fond du Lac

Little did Ben Giles know that attending Badger Boys State as a Junior in High School would lead him to discover his passion to empower, inspire and help society to become the best it could be through running for public office. While Giles began his career in Madison, he longed to make a difference and impact in a close-knit community. He returned to Fond du Lac in March 2017, began working for the Fond du Lac Family YMCA, founded a local Youth in Government program and was elected to the Fond du Lac City Council in April 2018, the youngest individual to be elected to Fond du Lac City Council since the city changed to a City Council-City Manager form of government in 1957.

Giles’ community involvement is widespread. In addition to serving on the Fond du Lac City Council, he is also an advisory member to the Plan Commission, Fond du Lac Metropolitan Planning Commission and City/County Government Building Board. Locally, he is a board member of Fond du Lac Festivals, choir member of South Shore Chorale, and actively involved in Fond du Lac Community Theatre, Fond du Lac Area Lemonade Day, YPF and much more.

As Giles reflects on the future of our community, he shares, “In order to become a viable place that will grow and thrive for generations to come, Fondy must adapt and attract young talent. Fond du Lac is not a bad place. The negative connotations stop when individuals that grew up here truly believe in the future and vision of Fondy enough to move back to our community. I intend to make a difference in the next five to ten years through more than just merely moving back though. I want to share and mold the conversation. I want to lead and inspire individuals to see the vision of a progressive and inclusive community.”

Taylor Moret – Marketing Coordinator, Society Insurance

“It’s not always what the team can do for you, it’s what you can do for the team.” Taylor Moret takes those words to heart and believes that supporting the growth of others is just as important for the community as supporting her growth.

In her role as Marketing Coordinator at Society Insurance, Moret has helped to elevate the organization’s marketing efforts through creative product launches, creation of logos for Society’s Best trips, playing a vital role in Society’s community involvement sponsorships and serving on Society’s United Way committee. She has also begun working on her Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation and was selected to participate in Society’s College of Insurance.

In addition to her robust professional involvement, Moret also serves on the advisory council for the Fond du Lac Marketing Professionals, marketing committee for Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund, Fondy Bunch Kiwanis Club in which she serves as vice president, and planning committee for NAMIC Communications and Marketing. She is an active member of YPF, Fond du Lac YMCA Corporate Challenge, Wisconsin High School Forensics Association, Fond du Lac Area Lemonade Day, Crawford County Fair, Janssen Elementary PTO and Ladies Wine & Design Fond du Lac.

Sadie Parafiniuk – Deputy District Director, Congressman Glenn Grothman

Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse following her studies in economics and pre-law, Sadie Parafiniuk has found her passion in politics and federal government. These experiences have developed her into a manager and leader that she didn’t think was possible. Fast forward to today, she serves as the Deputy District Director for Congressman Glenn Grothman. It’s no surprise her career has continued to evolve as she most recently took over the Financial Administrator position in addition to her director duties.

Parafiniuk’s extracurricular involvement includes the Professional Women’s Connection where she is involved at both the local and statewide levels, Fond du Lac Noon Kiwanis, YPF where she is involved in both the membership, programs and events committees in addition to other special event committees, Ladies Wine & Design Fond du Lac, and Downtown Fond du Lac Exploratory Committee.

As Parafiniuk looks forward to the future and continuing to make a difference in the community for years to come she says, “I want to serve as a leader in Fond du Lac that recognizes the great people and resources we already have here, but are underutilized. I have a lot of ideas and luckily there are platforms that I’m already part of that can make it all happen.”

Shavana Talbert – District Equity Coach, Fond du Lac School District

In the past two years in her role as District Equity Coach for the Fond du Lac School District, there is much to be said about Shavana Talbert’s accomplishments. She is solely responsible for the coordination of social justice, cultural and linguistic responsiveness and equity initiatives within the Fond du Lac School District, the 18th largest district in the state with over 7,000 students. In addition, her leadership is having an impact at the state level with her involvement in the Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) Coaching Collaborative where she provides feedback on the development of statewide coaching tools and competencies.

Talbert also services as an Assistant Coach for the Fond du Lac High School Varsity Girls’ Track and Field team, bartender at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, and big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fond du Lac County. She is a board member for the Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund and Fond du Lac Family YMCA in addition to being actively involved in Ebony Vision and YPF.

As a community leader, she has a personal and professional passion for community involvement. “It is my goal to make Fond du Lac a more inclusive community that validates and affirms individuals of all identities and backgrounds, and I cannot reach that potential without a personal investment in the community at large.”


The Young Professionals of Fond du Lac (YPF) is a program of Envision Greater Fond du Lac designed for professionals living or working in the Fond du Lac area who are 21 – 40 or those that are young at heart. Since its inception in 2004, Young Professionals of Fond du Lac has grown to over 600 members. For more information visit or contact Envision Greater Fond du Lac at (920) 921-9500.