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YPF Committees

This committee is focused on promoting our organization and events and improving communication efforts to our members. The committee oversees marketing initiatives, event promotion, maintaining website and social media platforms, monthly newsletter creation and distribution, media gathering and editing, and more!

Programming and Events
The Programming and Events (P&E) Committee is the pulse of YPF’s monthly get-togethers. Team members brainstorm and survey the interests of members on social and professional events and go to work on creating the yearly YPF calendar. Planning menus, picking venues, approaching potential speakers and helping with day-of registration are a few examples of ways you can become involved in the P&E Committee.

Membership Engagement
The YPF Member Engagement Committee works to continually enhance the membership experience of YPFers; from welcoming new members, to fostering relationships between existing members and providing opportunities to grow the YPF membership base. This committee is focused on the retention of our membership by better connecting, developing and engaging our members throughout the year. Committee members oversee membership outreach initiatives and recruitment of new individual members, corporate members and sponsors.

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