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Incentive Amount Guidelines

Employers will have the freedom to offer an incentive amount they deem appropriate, up to a maximum of $15,000 (employers may opt to internally offer an incentive above the $15,000 amount; however, the maximum reimbursement will be no more than $7,500 per worker). However, we advise the employer to utilize the amounts listed below based on a candidate’s annual salary range and whether they anticipate renting or purchasing a home in Fond du Lac County upon relocation.

Total Incentive Paid to Employee

One Year Lease Agreement 
Recommended max $12,000 incentive 

Candidate Salary Range  Incentive Amount
$35k ‐ $45k  $ 4,000
$45k – 60k $ 8,000
$60k + $12,000

Home Purchase
Recommended max $15,000 incentive

Candidate Salary Range  Incentive Amount
$35k ‐ $45k  $ 5,000
$45k – 60k $10,000
$60k + $15,000

*Maximum possible incentive of $15,000 per Worker.

Reimbursement Amount from Fond du Lac County Capital Resources (FCCR)
Based on the recommended incentive amounts, the employer would receive the below reimbursement from FCCR.

One Year Lease Agreement

Candidate Salary Range FCCR Reimbursement
$35k ‐ $45k $ 2,000
$45k – 60k $ 4,000
$60k + $ 6,000

Home Purchase

Candidate Salary Range FCCR Reimbursement
$35k ‐ $45k $ 2,500
$45k – 60k $ 5,000
$60k + $ 7,500

*Maximum reimbursement by FCCR of $7,500 per worker.