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While others may see challenges, we only see opportunities.

Let us guide you through the steps of business development with our free one-on-one business consultation which includes any or all of the following based on your individual needs.

Business plan and financial projections consultation

Creating a solid business plan or business model canvas is the first essential step when starting a business.  The business plan is your roadmap to help you navigate unfamiliar territories and arrive at your destination (the launch) better prepared to take on your new adventure.

Legal Structure

What is the proper structure for your new business? Is a change in business structure needed now that you are expanding? Find the one that’s right for you.

Do-It-Yourself Market Research

Market research is the “root” or foundation of your business plan and a successful launch. You need to do some research on your industry (type of business), competition, and most importantly your market. Will you have enough demand to sustain the business?  Conducting research on your own is easier than you might think if you know how and where to look for information.

Business Intelligence and Research

Need more customized research?  Don’t have the time or can’t find the data you need to determine if your idea is feasible? Envision Greater Fond du Lac offers customized market research at affordable prices.

Below are some resources, links and more to get you a solid start.

And for events, more startup resources and support, visit IGNITE! Business Success.

Financing solutions

Need money to get your business launched? Need some assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic? Envision Greater Fond du Lac can assist you in finding the right local incentives tailored to your business needs.

Site or location assistance

Ready to leave the comforts of your own home office, basement or garage? We’re here for you when you’re ready to take the leap of finding your very own space. Deciding on where to locate will depend on the type of business, logistical requirements, location to suppliers, location to customers and workforce availability. All of these considerations need to be well planned for to help ensure your startup success.

Connections to peers and other resources

Want to connect with other like-minded individuals with business ideas? Then get connected with the “IN” group or Imagination Network. It is the FREE peer group of IGNITE! Business Success, the umbrella, go-to resource network of over 17 local organizations supporting area entrepreneurs. Envision Greater Fond du Lac is a valued IGNITE! partner. This group meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month and is a great place where people can learn from peers, speakers and other resources in a supportive environment.