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Manufacturing Month: Youth Apprenticeship Jared Ott

Jared Ott is a senior at the Fond du Lac STEM Institute, a public charter school that’s
part of the district. He works at Manowske welding as a CAD draftsman. Through Youth
Apprenticeship, Jared has been able to learn about technology, manufacturing and computer
aided drafting(CAD) as well as put these skills to practice daily. Jared uses programs such as
Solidworks, Tekla and Sigma Nest to design, draft and produce projects of a variety of scale
and nature.

Jared’s most recent project also happens to his largest: The Keystone TransCanada
Pipeline. This pipeline reaches from Alberta to Houston, Texas, so there is a lot of work that
goes into manufacturing it. Manowske Welding creates the pump stations for this pipeline and
Jared has had the opportunity to be a part of creating these stations. He has checked and
corrected well over 500 different parts for the railings and says he still has hundreds more to go.
Jared also does other work on the pump stations such as compiling material orders and working
with contractors to guarantee that pieces are done on time and correctly.

Another skill that Jared has learned is drafting. He takes customers ideas or drawings
and creates computer models and shop drawings. He could be making anything from a 35 piece
ice saw to foundation plates for a building. Either way, the creation of computer models and
drafting is necessary to the manufacturing process.

Through his opportunities at Fond du Lac STEM and Youth Apprenticeship, Jared has
been able to take his passion and skill set and put them into practice, ultimately leading to a
great internship experience that has set a course for his college career (Michigan Tech!) and the
rest of his professional life.

Summary provided by:

David Duley
Director of Detailing and Engineering
Manowske Welding Corp.

To learn more about the Youth Apprenticeship program, please contact Lisa McArthur at (920) 921-9500 or [email protected]