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Fond du Lac County Concierge Series

 This unique event series will enhance your retention efforts by highlighting area resources and amenities, creating the platform for networking and relationship building with other newcomers to the area, and by increasing philanthropic engagement (i.e., filling Board positions, finding volunteers, etc.). The program also includes an opportunity for the candidate’s trailing partner and/or family to participate in a hosted social event at the conclusion of the formal series. Attendees can be new or current residents to Fond du Lac County and all employment positions are welcome to participate.

The Series is comprised of three events total, each event with its own venue and specific content focus. The events will be hosted during the business day (i.e., 2:30 – 5:00 p.m.) and businesses are expected to offer a flexible schedule so their candidate can attend. Hosted twice a year, we will facilitate a spring and fall program giving employers options on when to enroll their newly hired employee. Individuals only participate once; the content will be repeated.

The first series will launch in the spring of 2022 and be comprised of three events total. Event dates and full details will be confirmed at a later date.

Event Content Examples:

Event 1: Welcome Home

Welcome to Fond du Lac County and the City of Fond du Lac by County Executive Allen Buechel & City Manager Joe Moore, snapshot of local economy presented by a leading Economic Developer, and facilitated networking.

Event 2: You Belong

Panel discussion with various community organization and non-profit leaders, topic emphasis on current community-wide initiatives. Incorporation of a small-scale community organization fair.

Event 3: Thrive Here

Presentation on relevant Fond du Lac County topic, incorporation of round table networking discussions.
At the conclusion of this event, we will host an optional social for attendees’ partners/children/families. This will include live music, food and beverage, lawn games, etc.