Yes. On July 1, 2017, the former Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce (AC) and former Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC) joined forces to form Envision Greater Fond du Lac. Over the past few years, there were significant conversations in the business community as it related to unifying economic and workforce development efforts for the region. These conversations resulted in overwhelming support from the business community for the formation of the new organization, Envision Greater Fond du Lac. The business community has tasked Envision Greater Fond du Lac with delivering existing and new services in a more collaborative way and with greater impact.
The newly formed organization is called Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Inc. “Envision” represents the aspiration quality and encourages our community to think about what’s possible. “Greater” refers to the region as the efforts of this organization extend beyond the City and County of Fond du Lac. In addition, “Greater” also speaks to continuous improvement, an important value of the new organization. The inclusion of “Fond du Lac” in the name serves as a geographical label showcasing our uniqueness as a county with a primary city within the county that share the same name. Lastly, “Inc.” was added for business designation purposes.
During the transition, a communications committee was formed to determine the new organization’s name and brand. The committee consisted of board members from both former organizations and community branding experts. The naming process was driven by seven criteria:
  • Distinctiveness – Does it stand out?
  • Brevity – Is it short enough to be easily remembered?
  • Appropriateness – Does it fit the business purpose?
  • Easy spelling and pronunciation
  • Likability – Does it promote a good feeling about the brand?
  • Extendibility – Can it grow with the organization?
  • Protectability – Can it be trademarked and is it available for online use?
Envision Greater Fond du Lac, Inc. met the seven criteria used in the naming process and was chosen as the name for the new organization.
Envision Greater Fond du Lac is located at 23 S. Main Street, Suite 101 in Fond du Lac. This new office location allows our entire team to be located in one space. Our Main Street entrance is currently under construction. To access our team and services, please enter through our parking lot off Sheboygan Street. The previous office locations of the Association of Commerce (207 N. Main Street) and the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (116 N. Main Street) have closed and are in the process of being sold.
Cecilia Harry, CEcD, joined the Envision Greater Fond du Lac team on July 17, 2017. Prior to her current role, she led efforts at the Greater Fremont Development Council, part of the Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership since 2013. She has also practiced economic development in the Kansas City and St. Louis regions and has experience working on capital investment campaigns, strategic planning initiatives, workforce development partnership, market and project management. For Cecilia’s complete bio, click here. Cecilia is committed to leading the team at Envision Greater Fond du Lac to exceed the expectations of the business community and public partners. She is excited to lead the efforts that she is confident will result in a vibrant, growing economy and renewed spirit of pride and excitement.