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Envision Greater Fond du Lac is Your Source for Local Business Intelligence

Investopedia defines business intelligence as the “technology and data infrastructure of an organization”. Business Intelligence (BI) essentially is the art of leveraging data to find patterns and insights to assist businesses, organizations, and communities make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence also helps us understand industry pain points, uncover trends and inconsistencies, and develop long-term strategies to change community standards, enhance existing businesses, attract new businesses, and stimulate growth in the community.

Regardless of size or industry, our data and research team can develop customized reports to help your business or organization grow and thrive in Fond du Lac County, such as:

  • Expand Your Business.
  • Find Competitors and Suppliers.
  • Find or Increase Your Customers.
  • Market Viability.
  • Workforce Availability.

Our research abilities can provide customized services based on your company’s needs.  Contact our Director of Business Intelligence at [email protected] for more information.