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Candidate Viewpoint of the Day: March 30, 2019

Welcome to our “Candidate Viewpoint of the Day” series, showcasing the Fond du Lac City Council Candidates and their viewpoints on important issues in our community. Each day through April 1, we’ll feature a different question along with the candidate’s responses. All six City Council candidates have been invited to participate. For more information on the candidate and their viewpoints, please click on their name to visit their social media site.

Question 6: What housing solutions are needed in the community, and how will we address those needs?

Derek TerBeest: We’ve seen big recent residential development, with market rate apartments getting added on the edges of the city as well as near the downtown. We also have low income properties that serve people with financial needs. We need to make sure that no matter what sort of housing you have here, the neighborhood you live in is safe. We need to support the Police Department and their community policing initiatives. We also need to work well with our non-profit partners to ensure that people facing homelessness can take advantage of the resources that are offered here.

Brian Kolstad: I believe our downtown would benefit from a wide variety of housing options, from rentals to condominiums, in all price ranges. We have already supported several projects through Tax Incremental Financing, but the key to a thriving downtown neighborhood is having population density and a diversity of businesses and services within walking distance. As we encourage the development of upper floor residential in our historic buildings and establish new housing options, the population will be able to support additional businesses growth. A downtown grocery store would be a great addition, but that can only happen if the demand is there.