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Candidate Viewpoint of the Day: March 27, 2019

Welcome to our “Candidate Viewpoint of the Day” series, showcasing the Fond du Lac City Council Candidates and their viewpoints on important issues in our community. Each day through April 1, we’ll feature a different question along with the candidate’s responses. All six City Council candidates have been invited to participate. For more information on the candidate and their viewpoints, please click on their name to visit their social media site.

Question 3: With resources being finite, how would you prioritize the funding for necessary infrastructure or building projects while also keeping the burden to taxpayers at a minimum?

Brian Kolstad: The City’s capital improvement projects over the last four years have been in line with my priorities. We need to continue our street maintenance schedule which includes public lead service line replacement and improving our storm sewers to help reduce flooding. The Public Safety Training Center is a big investment in the skills of our police and fire/rescue officers. These, combined with the investment in our parks and downtown district, are all intended to make Fond du Lac a better place for people to live, work, and play. I evaluate each expenditure as an investment for our community.

Derek TerBeest: We have to look at what benefits the most people, and what fills the greatest need. I believe that we’re getting behind on road construction and I’m for increasing the rate at which we fix the streets we all drive on. As far as other infrastructure and buildings, we need to make sure that what we do build is going to last a long time. The more often we have to replace aging facilities, the more other needs get pushed down our list of priorities. We need to be forward-looking as we decide what we can afford to build.