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Social media marketing has become an important aspect to promote businesses, but it can be overwhelming and time consuming; these are the very reasons why RachelPM’s Digital Marketing (formerly RPM Media) was started. 

After spending 20+ years as a court reporter, founder, Rachel PeichlMcGee decided to dive into the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Working full time and building her first business, social media became her best friend. Three years after the inception of her first business, Rachel was able to walk away from her full-time job, thanks to the online business she had built. Now, she’s passionate about helping others do the same; using social media to help grow and build businesses. The opportunities are truly endless, and RachelPM is ready to help businesses of all sizes.   

RachelPM’s Digital Marketing services include a personalized consult with your own social media manager to plan and strategize the use of internet marketing services and advertising, personalized and branded graphics and photos or your goods and services, social media calendar; the options are endless.  The individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help business owners get the results they are looking for. Whether Rachel manages your social media accounts or simply creates social media marketing ideas and graphics for you, they will work personally with you to help you and your business to rev up your social media and online presence. 

You can learn more about RachelPM’s Digital Marketing by visiting their website,


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